Lightwoods Tree Surgery Services

We provide a broad range of tree and garden services as shown below.  These services are offered as standalone or as a combination of tree or garden work to match your needs.  Please call us on 07944 571186 to chat and arrange a site view.

Tree Services

Our tree services are varied depending upon the solution sought. We undertake all work with caution and safety in mind.

Tree felling and removal

The felling of a tree to ground level and removal offsite of trunk and all branches.

Tree reduction and re-shaping

Reduce the overall height and/or spread of the tree. A natural shape is maintained during the reduction.

Tree dead wooding

Deadwooding is the removal of dead limbs and branches from a tree, usually carried out for safety reasons.

Tree Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is undertaken for various reasons - from increasing light to clearing structures of low branches.

Tree planting and re-planting

Depending upon the size of tree, planting and re-planting may require expertise and the right equipment.

Stump Grinding

A way to remove tree stumps by using a rotating cutting disc that grinds down the stump and roots into small chips.

Garden Services

We offer, and will be happy to provide, a free quotation for any or all of the following garden services.

Lawn Cutting

Professional lawn cut including edging and assistance with lawn care - weed control, fertilising, aeration and coring.

Shrubs pruned and removed

Shrubs pruned or removed as required, or shrubberies redefined. Replacements sourced if required.

Hedges trimmed

Whether boundary hedges or internal hedges, a service to keep hedges neat, tidy and healthy.

Conifers trimmed

Conifers need to be trimmed at least once a year and then with care to preserve their greenery and shape.

Garden clearance

From time to time we are called upon to undertake either partial or a full garden clearance prior to a project.

Garden maintenance

We are happy to provide any type of garden maintenance to a scheduled plan and an agreed budget.